Isolation Spring Reverb Box

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Designed for recording acoustic instruments or special amplification purposes, this self-contained device picks up the sound resonating through a stretched spring and is magnified through isolation and an on-board active phantom-powered microphone preamp. Read more about the inspiration of the design here.

Available as a DIY project, mount the included parts in any enclosure you want. I will include a pre-wired circuit board, XLR microphone jack, spring and hooks, as well as a contact microphone.

Place the box in direct contact with a live instrument (e.g. piano, percussion) or open the lid while the unit is powered and gently pluck/play the spring.

This project includes a pre-existing preamp design by Alex Rice and layout by Zach Poff that is distributed under a Creative Common’s ShareAlike license.

Listen to recorded sounds of a Kalimba percussion instrument:

Transducer: Piezo disc

Required: 48 V phantom power mixing desk or interface