Movable Fret Chart


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$12 USA shipping included

Introducing the first movable fret chart for guitar in standard tuning. Want to improve your reading and playing abilities? Fully chromatic, this fret learner displays many available positions for notes on the guitar neck, including both sharps and flats. Easily select different notes in the fret learner window with this original movable design.

Currently available for standard tuning, ask about custom orders for alternative tunings. Ukulele, mandolin and bass can be made by request as well! Sorry no banjo at this time.

Fits into a regular school binder with the following dimensions:

Exterior: 11″ by 3 3/8″
Window display area: 3 7/8″ by 1 1/4″

Beautifully cut by laser and hand assembled in Portland, OR.

Purchase now for $12 including shipping and buyer protection with secure Paypal  checkout or contact 7th Substrate for bulk order pricing and quantities available.